Pool Resurfacing - Pool Replastering in Benbrook, TX

Pool Resurfacing, also known as Pool Replastering, can make your Benbrook, TX Pool look like new. Typically, your pool will need to be resurfaced seven to ten years after installation, and every ten to fifteen years thereafter.

Time, water, and chemicals will cause staining and erosion of the Surface of The Pool. If you have hard water in your area, your pool might need replastering more frequently. Contact Tropic Island Pools if you think it is time to resurface your pool in Benbrook, TX.

How Do You Know Your Pool Needs Resurfacing in Benbrook, TX?

Maybe it has been seven years since you had your Pool Installed, but you aren’t sure if needs resurfacing. Examine the pool for the following signs to know if it is time for pool resurfacing.

Pool Stains- Your pool has stains that remain even after scrubbing and acid washing.

Pool Texture - Your pool is starting to get a rough texture.

Pool Chipping - You have noticed chips or cracks in the walls of your pool. It’s possible that you have even seen chunks of the pool wall in your skimmer.

Pool Leaks - Chips and cracks in the plaster surface will lead to leaking. Leaks lead to more leaks and eventual damage to the concrete foundation of your pool.

If you see any of these signs, you will know it is time to Resurface Your Pool in Benbrook, TX. If you are still not sure, then contact the professionals at Tropic Island Pools.

Pool Resurfacing in Benbrook, TX has come a long way over the years

The technology used for pool resurfacing or Swimming Pool Replastering has changed over time. Tropic Island Pools provide resurfacing that can improve the aesthetic look and the actual feel of the pool in Benbrook, TX.

There are three main types of pool resurfacing products available.

Three common products for Pool Resurfacing in Benbrook, TX

Pool Plaster – Plaster is the most affordable resurfacing material. It is a mixture of limestone, or marble sand, and white cement. Plaster is usually white but can be stained to a color of your choice. It is the Classic Pool Resurfacing Material, but it can be rough to the touch.

Aggregate Pool Plastering – Aggregate is a combination of plaster with pebbles, glass beads, even quartz, and cement. It is more costly than plaster, but it provides a kind of natural look to the bottom and sides of the pool. Aggregate can be left with the pebbles exposed, Leaving A Rough Finish, or it can be polished and smoothly finished.

Tile Pool Plaster– Tile pool resurfacing is becoming increasingly popular, though it is the more expensive option. As the name suggests, tiles made from porcelain, glass, or stone are installed on the surface of the pool. Just like renovation in the kitchen or bath, tile is the Most Time Consuming Pool Resurfacing option, but it is the most elegant.

Contact Tropic Island Pools in Benbrook, TX for more information about the best products to resurface your pool.

What is the best material for pool resurfacing in Benbrook, TX?

The best material for pool resurfacing in Benbrook, TX, or anywhere else, will depend on the climate. The best Material For Pool Resurfacing will depend on your budget, and your pool shape, and construction.

Contact Tropic Island Pools for information about the best options in in Benbrook, TX. The experts at Tropic Island Pools can also give you estimates on the cost and Time Required For Your Pool Resurfacing.

Common Questions on Pool Resurfacing in Benbrook, TX

What does it cost to do Pool Replastering in Benbrook, TX?

The cost for pool replastering can vary depending on the size, shape, and Condition Of Your Pool. In general pool replastering costs between $5,000 and $10,000.

Is pool resurfacing in Benbrook, TX a do-it-yourself job?

Like any home renovation or repair job, pool resurfacing can be done by the pool owner. However, most pool companies provide professional, error-free installation. Many Pool Builders offer warranties on their work in Benbrook, TX.

The length of time for the structural repair will depend on the scope of damages. Talk with your contractor and designers at Tropic Island Pools.

How do I know when to call for help with pool equipment repair?

If you think you need to call for Pool Equipment Repair, then you probably do. Trust your instincts. When in doubt, call someone who knows and is trained to repair pool equipment.

Who should I call for pool equipment repair in Benbrook, TX, [company field="state"]?

Call today, , to schedule our professional Pool Equipment Repair in Benbrook, TX.


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