Why Renovate Your Pool

Why Renovate Your Pool

Many people do a Pool Remodel because they are looking for a change of shape while for others, it might be a necessity as the storm might have caused some damage. To help prolong the life of the pool, it is important to invest in good quality equipment and hire the right Dallas pool builders. Whether you want to redo the entire pool or fit it with the latest technology, here are the common reasons that people want to renovate their home pool.

Needs have changed

 Maybe the pool was built by the previous home owners, or perhaps you needed the pool for the family. If the pool is not meeting your requirements it is time to consider renovations. From changing the tiling and stones, to redesigning the steps into the pool, or adding elements like fire pits, jets or a sun deck, you can have it all. It is important to address the design issues so that the pool meets your requirements.

Damaged or needs repair

 If you have leaks, broken pipes, a malfunctioning filter or broken tiles it needs to be renovated, as regular maintenance cannot make it usable. Whether the damage was due to a storm, or regular wear and tear, a skilled Dallas pool builder can evaluate the issue. They can provide comprehensive solutions to keep the pool running smoothly.

Increases resale value

 If you are putting your house up for sale, upgrading the home pool can enhance the resale value of your house. Basic pool renovations can make it the major selling point and will bring a better price to the house.

Outdated technology

There has been major advances in pool technology over the years; so, if you have an old pool, it is time for an upgrade. Enhancing the technology behind your pool, like adding underwater pool lights, jets, better filters and pumps can make the pool useful, and help you save money.

Change the tiles

A major factor that people tend to opt for is a complete renovation of the pool. If the tiles have cracked, are missing, or become too smooth, the whole floor has to be replaced. What would be a better time to upgrade the pool and make it look like new? If you are looking to change the tiles or do extensive renovations to change the appearance of the pool, it can be a cost-effective solution.

It is essential that you contact Tropic Island Pools to get the best assistance. They would be able to help you design and install the pool. 

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