Variable Speed Pool Pump Installation and Repair in DeSoto, TX, Tropic Island Pools

The swimming pool pump is second only to the air conditioner for energy consumption. This means that you are Paying For The Pump to run, even when you aren’t actively using the pool. 

Tropic Island Pools Install A Variable Speed Pool Pump to reduce the energy costs associated with having a swimming pool in DeSoto, TX.

Benefits of a Variable Speed Pool Pump from Tropic Island Pools in DeSoto, TX

First is energy cost savings. A variable speed pool pump can use up to 50% less energy than a standard single- or even a Dual-Speed Pump. Fifty percent less energy used naturally means a reduction in your energy costs. 

A second benefit of a variable speed pool pump is its longevity. The typical variable speed pump is crafted as a totally closed and sealed unit. The Sealed Pool Pump Casing prevents debris and water from entering the motor, protecting it from outside damage in DeSoto, TX.

A third reason to choose a variable speed pool pump is the noise factor. Because the motor and components are enclosed, the noise is enclosed as well. Even at the highest speeds, the Variable Speed Pool Pump operates at a lower volume than a single speed pump.

Finally, switch now to avoid DOE violations.

Department of Energy Requirement

In 2021, Federal Department of Energy will require variable speed Pool pumps for DeSoto, TX, Tropic Island Pools Pool Applications

In many states with a high number of pools, the Department of Energy is suggesting, and state legislation is requiring, New Pool Installations to include variable speed pool pumps. The reason for this is to decrease the demand on the electrical grids. 

Further, many states are requiring any pool pump repairs or replacements to include an upgrade to a variable speed pool pump. Get ahead of the regulation by Installing A Variable Speed Pump from Tropic Island Pools now.

How Do You Program a DeSoto, TX, Tropic Island Pools Variable Speed Pool pump

Since every pool and pool owner has different needs, there is not a standard requirement for programming a variable speed pump.

Programming your variable speed pool pump will require a thorough evaluation of the needs of your pool, based on usage, shape, size, and construction. The Experts at Tropic Island Pools will meet with you to discuss the appropriate programming for your variable speed pool pump in DeSoto, TX. 

Brands of Variable Speed Pool Pumps in DeSoto, TX

The experts at Tropic Island Pools recommend these brands of variable speed pool pumps:

Jandy Variable Speed Pool Pumps 

Jandy Pool Pump in DeSoto, TX

  • Jandy Variable Speed PlusHP
  • Jandy Variable Speed FloPro
  • Jandy ePump with SVRS
  • Jandy ePump

Pentair Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Pentair Pool Pump DeSoto, TXSta-rite Pool Motor in DeSoto, TX

  • Pentair Intelliflo Variable Speed
  • Pentair IntellifloXF Variable Speed
  • Sta-Rite Intelliflo Variable Speed
  • Sta-Rite IntellifloXF Variable Speed

Hayward Variable Speed Pool Pumps 

Hayward Pool Pump in DeSoto, TX

  • Hayward Variable Speed Omni
  • Hayward TriStar Variable Speed
  • Hayward EcoStar Variable Speed
  • Hayward Super Pump Variable Speed
  • Hayward MaxFlo Variable Speed

Common Variable Speed Pool Pump Questions from DeSoto, TX, Tropic Island Pools Pool Owners

How does a variable speed pool pump save me money?

The variable speeds are how you save money. Setting the pool pump to minimum RPMs for specific times of the day will Reduce The Electricity used during those times in DeSoto, TX. It works similarly to changing the temperature on the air conditioner during the times of the day when you are not at home. 

Who do I call about getting a variable speed pool pump?

Contact the Professional Swiming Pool Technicians at Tropic Island Pools. Ask for an estimate or set up a meeting in DeSoto, TX. 

I already have a dual speed pool pump. Do I need to upgrade?

Department of Energy regulations will require Variable Speed Pool Pumps on all new installations beginning in 2021.


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