Common Pool Light Questions from Pool Owners

Do I need to drain the pool to fix the light?Pool Lights in Georgetown, TX

No. Pool lights are designed to be removed from the niche and lifted out of the water. The only reason you would Need To Drain The Pool would be if the wiring with the niche was damaged—in which case you would need to call a professional pool electrician in Georgetown, TX.

Can I change the pool light bulb myself?

Of course, you can. Be sure to replace all the gaskets and get the Light Fixture Sealed Completely, or you will be replacing the fixture soon when water seeps in overtime. Water damage to a fixture is the most frequent cause of replacing fixtures before their time. To be safe, call on Tropic Island Pools in Georgetown, TX.

Brands of Pool Lights in Georgetown, TX

Tropic Island Pools installation and repair specialists recommend the following Brands Of Pool Lights. Contact a pool professional in Georgetown, TX for details on which light fixtures are best for your pool, based on location, construction type, and shape. 

Jandy Pool Lights

     Jandy Water Colors Pool Light​ in Georgetown, TX

Pentair Pool Lights

        Pentair Pool Light in Georgetown, TX Sta-Rite Pool Light​ in Georgetown, TX

  • Pentair Intellibrite COLOR Changing Pool Light
  • Sta-Rite Pool Light

Hayward Pool Lights

       Hardward Pool Light in Georgetown, TX

When selecting the pool lights for a New Pool Installation, consider how you will be using the pool. Will you be hosting nighttime swim events or parties around the pool? Or will you be using your pool mostly during daylight hours for exercise or family frolicking? The Type Of Pool Light fixture you choose will be influenced by the way you imagine your pool being used. 


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