Pool Heater Repair in Grand Prairie, TXPool Heater Repair in Grand Prairie, TX

There are only a few repairs you should attempt on your own. Always refer to the owner’s Manual Troubleshooting Section before calling a repairman in Grand Prairie, TX. 

Some of the things you can do yourself are checking for Obstructions At The Vents, making sure the power and/or gas supply are open and on, and check the temperature settings.

If your heater displays an error code (an E and a number), check the manual and see what the error is. 

Unless you are very mechanically inclined or have experience working with electric or gas motors, you should probably Leave The Pool Heater Repair to the professionals at Tropic Island Pools.

Grand Prairie, TX Pool Heater Technology Advancement

Duncanville Pool Heater in Grand Prairie, TXAdvances in pool heater technology might encourage you to replace your Existing Pool Heater. Some of the most beneficial advances include heaters that meet new Energy Department suggestions for energy efficiency, easy-to-operate LED panels, advanced flow sensors, and the improved technology in solar pool heaters in Grand Prairie, TX. 

Brands of Pool Heaters in Grand Prairie, TX

Tropic Island Pools, who provides Pool Heater services, recommend the following brands of pool heaters for your new or replacement heater.

Jandy Pool Heaters in Grand Prairie, TX

        Jandy Pool Heaters in Grand Prairie, TX

  • Jandy JXi Pool Heater
  • Jandy LXi Pool Heater
  • Jandy Hi-E2 Pool Heater
  • Jandy JXi Pool Heater
  • Jandy JE Pool Heat Pump

Pentair Pool Heaters in Grand Prairie, TX

         Pentair Pool Heaters in Grand Prairie, TX

  • Pentair ETI400 Pool Heater
  • Pentair MasterTemp Pool Heater
  • Pentair UltraTemp Heat Pump

Hayward Pool Heaters in Grand Prairie, TX

         Hayward Pool Heaters in Grand Prairie, TX

  • Hayward Universal H-Series Pool Heater
  • Hayward Summit XL Pool Heater
  • Hayward HeatPro Heat Pump

Raypak Pool Heaters & Paypak Heat Pumps

         Raypak Pool Heaters in Grand Prairie, TX


How much does it cost to repair a pool heater?
According to Tropic Island Pools, the average price nationwide to pool heater repair is about $400 to $600. Based upon the sort of fixing and local prices, nevertheless, actual fixing prices could be considerably greater or lower. An advised yearly pool heating unit tune-up costs $100 to $200.
How long should pool heaters last?
Many swimming pool tools producers and heating unit specialists concur that the average pool heating unit produced today will last for seven years.
Why is my pool heater not working?
When a heating system cycles on and off before the water has reached the wanted temperature level, you usually have a water circulation concern. This could be because of a filthy filter, a shut valve, or even reversed water connections. Often, this can be triggered by the thermostat itself, needing it to be replaced.
Why does my pool heater keep shutting off?
An unclean filter can cause low stress and also as a result, create the heating system's pressure switch to turn OFF. A dirty filter can avoid a heating unit from firing and it can likewise trigger your heating system to shut off prior to heating the water to the desired temperature.
At what temperature does a pool heat pump stop working?
Warmth Pumps are designed to raise the temperature of a pool up to the suitable swimming variety, in between 78-- 82 levels Fahrenheit. Since they function by taking in air that is already cozy, they function best in humid areas where the ambient temperature stays above 60 degrees Fahrenheit


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