Pool Heater Repair and Installation in Leander, TXPool Heater Repair in Leander, TX

Installing a pool heater can extend the swimming season for your family. The Type Of Heater will depend on your location, your swimming habits, and the construction and shape of your pool in Leander, TX.

Pool Heater Installation in Leander, TX

There are three basic types of pool heaters in Leander, TX, ask an Expert at Tropic Island Pools which would be best for you. 

Solar Pool Heaters in Leander, TX: usually a cover or panels that cover the water in the pool. Solar panels absorb heat from the sun and transmit it to the water. Solar panels are the cheapest and Least Reliable Pool Heater System in Leander, TX, depending on the sun exposure to your pool.

Heat Pump Pool Heaters in Leander, TXHeat Pump Pool Heaters in Leander, TX: if you use your pool daily, and want to maintain a constant temperature, then the heat pump is the best choice for you. Heat pumps are great at Maintaining Water Temperature in areas where the air temperature stays warm. If you want to use your pool when the outdoor air temperature is below 50 degrees, the heat pump should be used in conjunction with a gas heater.

Gas Pool Heaters in Leander, TX: if you use your pool only on weekends or special occasions and do not needGas Pool Heaters in Leander, TX warm water daily, a Gas Heater is your answer. Gas heaters will heat the water more quickly than a heat pump, so can warm water for the occasional dip. 

Gas and Heat Pump Pool Heater Combination in Leander, TX: If you have a spa attached to your pool, or if you live in a cooler climate, you might want a gas and Heat Pump Combination. The heat pump serves to maintain a warm pool while the gas heater heats up the spa. 

Solar and Heat Pump Pool Heater in Leander, TX:
 This is probably the most energy-efficient method of heating your pool water. The heat pump Maintains The Water Temperature, which can be warmed significantly by the solar panels. If your pool has good sun exposure, the solar panel/heat pump combination can save you thousands over the life of your pool.


Common Pool Heater Questions from Leander, TX Pool Owners

When is it time to get a new pool heater?

If your heater has undergone several repairs, it is time to get a new pool heater.

What are common Pool Heater Repairs?

One of the most common repairs is cleaning. Each season makes a visual inspection of the heater before starting the heater. Rodents or birds may have built nests in the space over the months that you haven’t used the heater. Animals may have damaged essential components, so to protect the heater and your self from damage, call Tropic Island Pools to clean the mess. 


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