Pool Leak Repair in Murphy, TX

You think your pool might have a leak. Before you begin looking at Pool Leak Repair in Murphy, TX, be sure that you are losing water to a leak, not to evaporation or splashing.

Bucket Test for Pool Leaks in Murphy, TX

Place a weighted bucket on an entry step into the pool. Fill the bucket with water—only to the same level as the pool water around it. Mark the bucket with a Line At The Water Level. Turn off the pool pump and motor and leave the bucket for 24-48 hours. If the water level in the bucket is now higher than the water level in the pool, you definitely have a leak. 

Repeat this test with the Pump And Motor turned on. If the water level in the pool is greater with the pump running (and the water under pressure) then the leak is likely in the pool’s plumbing.  

Once You Know You Have a Pool Leak in Murphy, TX

You need to locate that Pool Leak in Murphy, TX.  There are several ways to try to locate the pool leak. 

Wet Soggy Ground - Pool Leak Repair in Murphy, TX

Walk around the perimeter of the pool. Walk the area between the pool and the Pool Motor Housing. The wet or soggy ground will give you the general location of the leak in Murphy, TX. 

Where Does the Water Stop Leaking? - Pool Leak Repair in Murphy, TX

Turn off the pump and filtration system. Leave the pool unused for a day or two. Note where the Water Seems To Stop Leaking. Check every day for a few days to determine where the water stays level. 

If the water stays level at the skimmer, the pool leak in Murphy, TX is likely in the Skimmer Or Filtration System. If the water stays level at the light fixture, then the leak is at the light. If the water level goes below the light fixture, your pool leak is probably in the pool wall, drain, or floor. 

**This method should not be used on a pool with a vinyl liner.

The Color Test - Pool Leak Repair in Murphy, TX

With the pump motor and filter system turned off, drop a few drops of food coloring or liquid dye into the water. The dye will be pulled in the Direction Of The Leak in Murphy, TX. This test might need to be repeated to accurately locate the pool leak. 

Pool Skimmer Leak  - Pool Leak Repair Murphy, TX

A pool leak at the skimmer level may be as simple as a leak in the seal around the skimmer. Use the color test to determine exactly where the leak is. Pool leaks of this nature are easily Repaired With Pool putty. 

However, a pool leak in the skimmer itself may require a Pool Skimmer Replacement. In Murphy, TX, pool skimmer replacement is a job for the professionals because the leak may actually be part of the backend of the filtration system. A professional can detect and repair or replace the system parts that are causing the leak.

Pool Light Leak - Pool Leak Repair Murphy, TX

A pool leak at the light level may be from a break in the seal, or it could be from a crack in the fixture niche. Use the color test to determine the Location of The Pool Leak. If there is a crack in the fixture niche, call a Pool Repair Specialist in Murphy, TX.

An Inground Pool Leak Repair in Murphy, TX

A pool leak in an inground pool, whether at the drain or the light or any other level, may require removing Part Of The Pool Decking. On the other hand, an inground pool leak may also require resurfacing in Murphy, TX.

Pool Pump Leak and Pool Filter Leak in Murphy, TX

Often a swimming pool leak repair is resolved by a Pool Plumbing Repair in Murphy, TX. If your pool leak appears to be in the pool pump system, contact a professional pool service and repair company.


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