Tropic Island Pools Sells & Services All Major Pool Filter Brands in Schertz, TX

Tropic Island Pools offers complete pool filter services in Schertz, TX. This includes pool filter sales, pool filter replacement, pool filter installation, and pool filter repair services. Our technicians are licensed and insured. They have the experience and training to properly and safely address your pool filter needs in Schertz, TX. We offer and service all major pool filter brands. We specialize in energy-efficient pool filters.

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Purchase a Pool Filter in Schertz

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We sell the most popular pool filter brands in Schertz, TX.

* Items below free delivery.

** Items below will have sales tax added at payment.

 Pentair Heater
Jandy - DE Filter


  • DE Diatomaceous Earth Filter #DEV48
  • 48 sqft
 Pentair Heater
Jandy – Cartridge Filter

460 FT2 CL Cartridge Filter

  • Cartridge Filter #CL460
  • 460 sqft
 Pentair Heater
Pentair - DE Filter

EC-180008 FNS Plus 48 sq. ft.

  • DE Diatomaceous Earth Filter EC-180008
  • 48 sqft
 Pentair Heater
Pentair – Cartridge Filter

EC-160301 Clean & Clear Plus 420 sq. ft.

  • Cartridge Filter EC-160301
  • 420 sqft
 Pentair Heater
Hayward - DE Filter

W3DE4820 Pro-Grid 48 sq. ft.

  • W3DE4820 Pro-Grid
  • 48 sqft
 Pentair Heater
Hayward – Cartridge Filter

W3C4030 SwimClear 425 sq. ft.

  • W3C4030 SwimClear
  • 425 sqft

Install a Pool Filter in Schertz

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Our Licensed technician will install your new Pool Filter in Schertz at your home. The Filter will be integrated into your pool equipment systems.

Installation Cost $418.00 (Sales Tax included)

  • Labor $369.00
  • Install Parts/ Supplies $49.00
  • Optional: Haul away old filter $29.00

Note: Manufacturers usually require Professional Installation or Warranty is Void - Check with Manufacturer.

Repair a Pool Filter in Schertz

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Our Licensed technicians will perform a complete diagnostic test on your pool filter. The Filter will be integrated into your pool equipment systems.

Diagnostic Fee $89.00 (Sales Tax included)

  • Issue will be diagnosed and reported.
  • Options will be provided to resolve the issue.
  • If Repair Options accepted, Diagnostic Fee will be applied to repair price.
  • Should the customer decide to purchase a New Pump, a Diagnostic Fee will be applied to the purchase price.

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