Pool Filter Repair and Installation in Stafford, TXPool Filter Repair in Stafford, TX

Your pool filter is as essential to enjoying your pool as a coffee filter is to enjoying your cuppa joe in Stafford, TX. You wouldn’t want to drink a cup of coffee with the Grounds Floating around in it. Nor would you want to swim in a pool with a bunch of dirt, skin cells, and body fluids in it. 

Stafford, TX pool owners often wonder. What is the purpose of the pool filter? 

The purpose of the pool filter is to clean the water that runs through the pump—out of the pool, through the pump and filter, back into the pool. 

Pool filters clean the small, sometimes microscopic, Dirt And Detritus From The Water. Skimmers drains and the drains at the bottom of the pool catch the larger bits of debris. 

Pool filters are the key to clean clear water in your pool in Stafford, TX. 

Pool Filter Installation in Stafford, TXWhat do pool owners in Stafford, TX need to know about pool filters? 

One of the most important things to know about pool filters is that they become less effective over time. As Dirt And Debris are trapped in the filter, it becomes clogged and the flow of the water slows down. 

Pool filters should be changed regularly, but the frequency will depend on the amount of debris that Accumulates In Your Pool in Stafford, TX.

In many areas, there are regulations determining the speed at which pool water must be filtered to Maintain The Required Level Of Safety and cleanliness. Check with Tropic Island Pools’ pool service professionals to ensure that your filters are meeting those requirements.

What are the types of Pool Filters in Stafford, TX?

There are three types of pool filters used in Stafford, TX. Each type has its pros and cons. 

DE Pool Filter in Stafford, TX  (Diatomaceous Earth Pool Filter)

The DE pool filter is the most difficult to manage, but it provides the most sparkling clean water filtration in Stafford, TX. 

The DE pool filter filters down to 5 mircons (a micron is about the width of ten human hairs), providing Crystal Clear Pool Water

The system requires tedious maintenance at the beginning of the season. It might be best to get a professional pool service to do this.

Cartridge Pool Filter in Stafford, TX

The cartridge pool filter works just like a cartridge filter in a Home Water Purification System in Stafford, TX. The cartridge collects the debris and while doing so becomes clogged. When the filter is clogged, you simply remove it from the system and wash out the debris with a garden hose. 

Cartridges do have to be replaced after a few years, but it is one of the easiest pool filter systems available.

Sand Pool Filter in Stafford, TX

The sand pool filter is the go-to for most pool owners. As the name suggests, sand is the trapping agent for the dirt and Debris From The Pool Water. Sand filters filter down to about 20 microns. 

The sand needs to be cleaned when it collects too much debris. The sand filter pumps are designed to do a backwash of the dirty sand, and the process is not too difficult for many pool owners. 

Common Pool Filter Questions from Stafford, TX Pool Owners

How often do I need to change the filter?

This will depend on the type of filter you have and the amount of debris accumulated in your pool. Contact a specialist at Tropic Island Pools for the specific details for your pump and filter system.

Does my pool have to have a filter?


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