Trusted Pool Remodeling Renovation in Fort Worth, TX

Welcome to Tropic Island Pools Remodeling And Renovation in Fort Worth, TX. If you are happy with the basic layout of your pool and just need an update as your pool ages, we are happy to share our experience and ideas. Through our Custom Swimming Pool Renovation Process, we can transform a dated pool into the superstar of your outdoor living space.
Tropic Island Pools is committed to working personally with clients in Fort Worth, TX on their Custom Pool Renovations and backyard designs, to provide one-on-one expertise that results in quality and attention to detail that exceeds client expectations.
As a team, we stay on top of the latest technology and trends in pool building but never forget the core values of our business. Today, Tropic Island Pools provides a personalized and informative Pool Renovation Experience in Fort Worth, TX to each and every client that results in years of enjoyment in the backyard of their dreams.

Pool Remodeling in Fort Worth, TX

Pool Renovation in Fort Worth, TX

Professional Pool Remodeling Team in Fort Worth, TX

When you decide on our pool remodeling company in Fort Worth, TX, you will meet with Tropic Island Pools professional team to discuss your details, needs, and requirements associated with your Custom Pool Builders. This experienced attention guarantees that your considerations are prioritized as we modernize your pool to fit your needs.

Tropic Island Pools enjoy helping customers turn their current pool into something that excites them for years to come. The value of a fun, updated pool can inject new life into your home in Fort Worth, TX. Our significant expertise can guide you in the right direction and we offer Dynamic Pool Remodel Solutions you may not have considered before.

Professional Pool Remodeling in Fort Worth, TX

Why Do Fort Worth Residents Remodel Their Pool?

It does not matter how old your pool is, Tropic Island Pools is ready to update and remodel to look like an entertaining wonderland that will save you time and energy, and turn heads for years to come. If your Swimming Pool is more than 10-15 years old or is starting to look a little “dated” to you, then you might be Interested In A Swiming Pool Remodel in Fort Worth, TX. Tropic Island Pools can do a simple update, or it can be a whole lot more.
Tropic Island Pools utilizes the most Modern Pool Technology available in Fort Worth, TX. Choose from different interior surfaces, decking, coping, special pool lighting, and water features. . The overall structure of your pool is established but you would be surprised at how many ways you can modernize the design.
In the last 8-12 years, the pool industry has made major advances in reducing the amount of maintenance required for a swimming pool. Add Amazing Waterfalls for that lagoon appearance or add a spa as a wonderfully convenient way to address stress. Consequently, you have many other options as well

  • Saltwater based chlorine generators
  • Computerized automation systems for your pool
  • Chlorine-free systems
  • Energy-efficient heat pumps and solar heaters
  • Energy-efficient pumps, filters, and plumbing
  • Mineral systems (to stabilize the water)
  • Ozonators (to reduce the use of chlorine)
  • Built-in automatic pool covers
  • Robotic cleaners

Modernized Pool Remodeling in Fort Worth, TX

Want to modernize the look of your pool? There are many new options, which include:

  • Tanning ledges and beach entries for your pool
  • Waterfalls, water curtains, rain walls, weeping walls
  • Aggregate-based interior finishes, such as a long life PebbleTec
  • Water arches, fountains, bubblers, aerators, cuppers
  • Built-in tables, underwater seating
  • Raised gardens, grottos for your pool
  • Fiber-optics LED lighting
  • Mosaics and all-tile finishes
  • Natural stone or custom acrylic decking
  • Fireworks and fire pits for your pool

Other options include: add a built-in spa, a vanishing edge, or converting to a perimeter overflow swimming pool.

Modernized Pool Remodeling in Fort Worth, TX

Residents Remodel Pool in Fort Worth, TX

Design/Remodeling Your Pool in Fort Worth, TX

To begin your pool project, Tropic Island Pools helps to first answer a few questions. The answers to the following questions enable our Expert Swimming Pool Remodeling Team to create a renovation uniquely tailored to your families’ lifestyle and needs:

  • How will you use your pool?
  • Is your pool for swimming laps or your kids to challenge their friends to water basketball or volleyball?
  • Would you enjoy the wonderful relaxation of an amazing hot spa?
  • How many seating areas do you need to host your gatherings?

Pool Size, Shape, and Special Features

  • Shape Size: Consider your property and its features. What is the best size, shape, and type of your pool?
  • The View Focal Point: What will you see from the windows inside of your home?
  • Style: What style of pool best suits you and your family?

Your Dream Pool can be a reality as our first meeting will be at your home. Tropic Island Pools want to hear from you. We will listen to your ideas, desires, and dreams. All technical considerations can be reviewed and discussed, such as city property access, permits, neighborhood approvals, and your budget. A copy of your survey or property plot plan will be needed by our Professional Pool Design Team as well. Be sure to share all of your ideas and thoughts. Locate and identify your favorite style pools and water features in Fort Worth, TX.

Tile Styles For Your Pool in Fort Worth, TX

Pool tiles can transform the look of your pool and give it a unique custom appearance. Tropic Island Pools Experienced Design Team will assist you in choosing the shape and color of a pool tile layout in Fort Worth, TX. You have many options. Some people prefer amazing blue tiles to line the wall of their pool. Others desire the more environmental earth tone Swiming Pool Remodel Tiles uniquely placed around their pool. We will assist you in drawing the dream vision of your pool every step of the way.

Pool Tiles in Fort Worth, TX

Amazing Blue Pool Tiles in Fort Worth, TX

Environmental Earth Tone in Fort Worth, TX

Large Pool Tiles in Fort Worth, TX

Select Materials For Your Swimming Pool in Fort Worth, TX

There is a wide range of tile styles, looks, and pricing. Much of this depends on the material chosen (glass, ceramic, porcelain, etc) and the manufacturer. Tropic Island Pools use a Thin-Set Mortar Grout Material. We use the appropriate materials for the type and size of tile you choose. Our energy is focused on ensuring the integrity of the installation and the lasting beauty of the tile in Fort Worth, TX.

Custom Tile Design in Fort Worth, TX

Pool Landscaped Areas in Fort Worth, TX

Swimming Pool Material in Fort Worth, TX

Coping Pool Remodeling in Fort Worth, TX

Coping allows you to customize the look of your pool. The perfect coping completes the border between your pool and decking or landscaping. It is a critical accent. There is a wide variety of Materials Available For Coping Installation. For your Pool Remodeling, several items will dictate which material is best to use for each renovation situation in Fort Worth, TX, the thickness and width of the existing coping, the overall look you have in mind, the cost. In many cases, Flagstone Coping is less expensive than limestone coping and is installed where a customer desires a more rugged, natural look. 

Flagstone Coping Pool Remodeling in Fort Worth, TX

Swiming Pool Remodeling

Coping Pool Remodeling in Fort Worth, TX

Remodeling Coping in Fort Worth, TX

Deck Pool Remodeling in Fort Worth, TX

The deck design can transform your backyard appearance and create a wonderful entertainment area. Are your decks in such bad shape that sections are falling away from the pool in Fort Worth, TX? If so, then contact Tropic Island Pools pool remodeling expert to Upgrading Your Pool’s Deck. Custom stonework, travertine, pavers, poured concrete, decorative concrete, stamped and colored concrete. As a pool owner, you will typically spend more time on your pool deck than actually inside your swimming pool. During a pool remodel, it is important to choose a decorative concrete, stone, or wood pool deck that is attractive and provides a Safe Non-Slip Swiming Pool Surface for entertaining and simply socializing.

Tile Decks in Fort Worth, TX

Tile often does a great job replicating wood, stone, marble, or brick. As part of your pool remodeling, there are many Types Of Tile Decks. Tile is not difficult to install, you can make your existing deck larger if you have space. You can find different shapes and sizes from specialty dealers in Fort Worth, TX, but the square is the most popular.

Decks Pool Remodeling in Fort Worth, TX

Tile Pool Remodeling in Fort Worth, TX

Paver Decks in Fort Worth, TX

Pavers are very popular for Pool Remodeling. Pavers come in several different sizes, colors, and shapes. Brick Pavers, Concrete Pavers, and Travertine Pavers are some of the Most Common Pool Remodeling Deck Pavers. In your Pool Remodel, Pavers can create a range of looks to suit any pool deck in Fort Worth, TX. Safety is one of the key features that pool deck pavers offer. Pool deck pavers have high wear and tear resistance and have a non-slip surface that will last a long time.

Paver Pool Remodeling in Fort Worth, TX

Concrete Pavers Pool Remodeling in Fort Worth, TX

Stone Decking in Fort Worth, TX

Stone decking is available in many shapes, sizes, and colors. It is a wonderful method for Adding A Natural Aesthetic to your yard. The stone finish Pool Deck Resurfacing is done by embedding large stones, finely cut into a layer of concrete. For Pool Remodeling, Tropic Island Pools is the most popular choice for homeowners who have Designed A Natural-Looking Swimming Pool with boulders and cascading waterfalls in Fort Worth, TX. This type of pool deck resurfacing is probably the best type of finish, as it not only looks good but has many advantages over the other methods of pool deck resurfacing. Another great advantage of this surface is that it provides natural friction.

Stone Pool Remodeling in Fort Worth, TX

Stone Decking Pool Remodeling in Fort Worth, TX

Plaster Pool Remodeling in Fort Worth, TX

Pool Remodeling White Plaster

Pool Remodeling Surface

Water loss can occur based on any number of problems. First, cracks in a swimming pool structure can show up through the plaster surface. Also, water can leak through many of the points around a pool (return inlets, light fixtures, etc). If your pool is losing water from somewhere other than Tropic Island Pools plumbing, resurfacing may be a good solution combined with other work in Fort Worth, TX. For pools, we use the Plaster Manufacturers’ Recommended Product and procedure for preparation.

Pool Remodeling Diamond Samples

Pool Remodeling AquaBright

As plaster gets older, or because of improper chemistry, its surface becomes rough by etching or begins scaling. Tropic Island Pools typical method of “start-up” (pool care for the first several weeks of plaster life) allows for a Smooth-But-Not-Slick Surface Designed to add years of life to the plaster. It makes for a comfortable swim experience.

Pebble Tec

Pool Remodeling Pebble Tech

For your pool remodeling project, consider your pool an open canvas on which you can Customize The Look Of Your Pool. Tropic Island Pools offer many aggregate finishes in a wide variety of attractive and resilient options that may suit your taste in style and color for your swimming pool in Tropic Island Pools. For concrete or gunite pools, plaster is the most desirable finish. It comes in several forms and many color choices. When applied properly, and with no underlying structural problems, plaster provides a barrier between the structure of the pool and the water in which you swim.


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