Major Pool Filter types and brands in Columbus



Tropic Island Pools, serving Pool Filter Repair in Columbus, recommends the following brands for each type of pool filter. 

DE Pool Filters for Columbus

  • Jandy DEV DE Pool Filter
  • Pentair Fns Plus DE Pool Filter
  • Ste-Rite Pool Filter


         Sta-Rite Pool Filter

Cartridge Pool Filters for Columbus

  • Jandy CV Cartridge Pool Filter
  • Jandy CL Cartridge PoolFilter
  • Jandy CS Cartridge Pool Filter
  • Pentair Clean & Clear Cartridge PoolFilters
  • Hayward Pool Filter

           Hayward Pool Filter

Sand Pool Filters for Columbus

  • Jandy JS Side Mount Sand Pool Filter
  • Jandy SFTM Top Mount Sand Pool Filter
  • Pentair Triton II Side Mount Sand Pool Filter

            Jandy Pool Filter