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Proud To Be Johnson City Pool Builders 

Welcome to Tropic Island Pools, a Johnson City Pool Builder is one of the best pool construction companies focused on pool quality at the best price. Integrity and Trust. Through our custom swimming pool construction process, we can transform the backyard into a superstar outdoor living space.

Tropic Island Pools is a Johnson City pool builder committed to working personally with clients on their custom pool and backyard designs, to provide one-on-one expertise that results in the quality and attention to detail that exceeds Johnson City client pool construction expectations.


Premier Pool Builders In Johnson City

As a premier Pool Builder in Johnson City, we stay on top of the latest technology and trends in Johnson City pool building but never forget the core values of our business.  Today, Tropic Island Pools provides a personalized and informative Custom Pool Construction experience to each and every client that results in years of enjoyment in the backyard of their dreams.

Deciding on a Johnson City Pool Builder

When you decide on Tropic Island Pools as your Pool Builder in Johnson City, you will meet with the professional Swimming Pool Builders team to discuss your details, needs, and requirements associated with your pool build in Johnson City. As your pool builder in Johnson City, this guarantees that your considerations are prioritized as we begin to design your pool to fit your needs.

We are a pool builder that enjoys helping Johnson City customers turn their pool dream into something that excites them for years to come. The value of custom pool construction can inject new life into your Johnson City home. As an experienced Pool Builder in Johnson City we can guide you in the right direction and offer dynamic custom pool construction solutions you may not have considered before.


A Johnson City Pool Builder with Trusted Experience

As a trusted Johnson City Pool Builder, our company utilizes the most modern pool technology available. Choose from different pool interior surfaces, pool decking, pool coping, special pool lighting, and water features. Once the high-level design and shape of your Johnson City pool solidified, you would be surprised at how many ways we can accent the design with water features. As your Johnson City pool builder, we can add amazing waterfalls for that lagoon appearance or add a spa as a wonderfully convenient way to address stress.

In the last 8-12 years, the Johnson City pool builder industry has made major advances in reducing the amount of maintenance required for a Johnson City swimming pool.  

Custom Pool Building & Construction:

Custom Pool Construction options offered by your Johnson City Pool Builder.

Automation - Johnson City Pool Builder

  • Computerized automation systems for your Johnson City pool
  • Robotic cleaners
  • Automatic Chlorinators for your Johnson City pool
  • Saltwater based chlorine generators
  • Ozonators (to reduce the use of chlorine) for your Johnson City pool

Energy Efficiency  - Johnson City Pool Builder

As a Johnson City Pool Builder, we offer many options for your custom pool construction project, which include:

  • Tanning ledges and beach entries for your Johnson City pool
  • Waterfalls, water curtains, rain walls, weeping walls or your Johnson City pool
  • Aggregate-based interior finishes, such as a long life PebbleTec
  • Johnson City Water arches, fountains, bubblers, aerators, cuppers
  • Built-in tables, underwater seating
  • Raised gardens, grottos for your Johnson City pool
  • Fiber optic & LED lighting
  • Mosaics and all-tile Johnson City finishes
  • Natural stone or custom acrylic decking
  • Fireworks and fire pits for your Johnson City pool

Other Johnson City options include: add a built-in spa, a vanishing edge, or convert to a perimeter overflow swimming pool.


Construction Steps for a Johnson City Pool Builder

You’ve made the decision: You are going to add a pool to your Johnson City property. Here are our Pool Builder steps…

Step 1 – Design the Perfect Pool

You will meet with the Johnson City, [%LS%] pool builder. Bring a plot map of your property for the design stage. Your pool builder will work with you to meet the many design needs and ideas you have. If you aren’t sure what you want, the Johnson City, [%SS%] pool builder can create a fresh design for you.

Step 2 – Complete Agreement

As the design of the pool is completed, you will sign a contract agreement with the Johnson City pool builder. The agreement will itemize the process, the payments, and the responsibilities of all parties involved.

Step 3 – Digging the Pool

Before digging begins, the Johnson City pool builder will plot out the location of the pool using spray-paint. Using a variety of earthmoving equipment, the pool builder will grade and dig the location for the Johnson City pool. Excess dirt that can’t be incorporated into new landscaping will be removed from the site.

Step 4 – Steel, Plumbing & Equipment

The gaping hole in your Johnson City yard won’t be empty for long. Steel reinforcing bars will be placed in the hole, along with drains, pipes, and conduits for electriJohnson City and gas.

Step 5 – Gas & Electric

When the conduits have been placed, the Johnson City gas and electric companies will make the first of several visits to the site. The utilities have to be installed, tested, inspected and approved.

Step 6 – Tile & Coping

Once the Johnson City inspections have been completed, it is time to make this construction site look like a pool. Johnson City pool builders will install the coping and the tile. Another round of inspections may be required at this time, depending on Johnson City and county regulations.

Step 7 – Pool Decking

Your pool is starting to be recognizable as a pool. It is time for the Johnson City pool builder to complete the decking. The installation of pool decking indicates you are nearing the end of the process and are that much closer to using your Johnson City pool.

Step 8 – Pool Plastering

The final step in the construction of your Johnson City pool is Pool Plastering which is the installation of plaster or other surface linings. Your pool builder will finish this process in about two days. Following the surfacing will be a final Johnson City inspection.

Step 9 – Fill & Enjoy You New Pool​

Just add water. And chemicals. Your Johnson City pool builder will get the water chemical balance to the appropriate levels before they call the job done. ENJOY your new Johnson City custom pool!

Our Johnson City Pool Builder Philosophy

As your Johnson City pool builder, our philosophy is “A happy pool owner is a customer that Imagines, Designs, Constructs and ENJOYS the perfect Johnson City pool for their family.”

New Pool Building Designs

Here are some of the great new pool designs in Johnson City. Every design has a unique feature.